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How to choose the right paint color for your home

27/10/2023 - 11:47

Color affects the mood and emotions when entering a room. Therefore, if you want your living space to be aesthetic and relaxing, you need to choose the right paint color. In fact, many people are confused by the “countless” colors provided by paint companies.

Color changes mood

Red creates a feeling of warmth and closeness

Research by psychologists from around the world has shown that color affects human emotions and spirit. Bright colors like red, yellow, orange symbolize passion and strength. If you use these colors to decorate your interior, it will bring a feeling of warmth, excitement, and promote thinking and optimism. Fresh colors like green and purple create a feeling of serenity, peace, and closeness to nature. Blue is the color of the sea, creating a feeling of relaxation and gentleness.

Paint color deceives the size of the room

The room is larger with warm yellow color

Color affects the space of the room. Bright colors will make the space look more spacious, on the contrary, dark colors will make the space narrower. However, that does not mean that the room cannot be painted in dark colors, because dark colors create intimacy and warmth.

Pay attention to the direction of the house when choosing paint colors

Choose colors according to the direction of the house and coordinate light according to the theory of the five elements. The intensity of light will change the color, depending on each part of the house, the area with more or less light, and choose the appropriate paint color. Bright colors are not the optimal choice in a room with a lot of direct light. According to the Five Elements theory, the color of each direction corresponds to each element. White belongs to the Metal element (West direction), green belongs to the Wood element (East direction), blue and gray belong to the Water element (North direction), red belongs to the Fire element (South direction), yellow belongs to the Earth element (Central direction).

Choose paint colors according to the law of the Five Elements

Many people choose paint colors according to their destiny to pray for peace and luck. According to the law of the Five Elements, there are ways to choose colors according to destiny as follows: Homeowners with Metal destiny should use white and yellow (Earth produces Metal); The homeowner of the Water element uses black and blue as the colors of their destiny or white according to the rule of Metal giving birth to Water; Homeowners with the Earth element should use pink, red (Fire creates Earth) or brown, yellow, or gray; Homeowners of the Fire element use blue (Wood gives birth to Fire) or red, pink, orange; Homeowners of the Wood element should use blue and black (Water element Wood).

What’s important is what color do you like?

Color preference is important when making paint color decisions. Favorite colors will evoke endless sources of inspiration, making the home owner love their space more. Maybe, family members can agree on choosing the exterior paint color for the house, but each member’s personal space can be different, expressing each person’s personality and style. For the living room, dining room or resting place for the whole family, you should choose colors that create harmony, closeness and warmth.

Above are the criteria for choosing paint colors for your home. If you’re still having trouble choosing color palettes, work with an interior designer. You should choose the right color so that the room becomes your favorite and inspires you every day.

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