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  • ​ 286 / 5.000 Kết quả dịch Kết quả bản dịch Valastic 636 is a 1-component, pure polyurethane-based waterproofing compound, liquid applied, quick-drying by reacting with air humidity, and has good crack-covering ability. After construction, a continuous, jointless, chemical-resistant membrane is created, which is a long-lasting waterproofing solution for outdoor roof floors.
  • Va-Latex is an improved Styrene Butadiene emulsion-type additive that is mixed with cement or cement-sand mortar to increase adhesion and waterproofing.
  • Valastic 595 is a 1-component, PU-Acrylic dispersion based, liquid-applied waterproofing compound with improved water resistance, excellent UV resistance, good crack coverage and aesthetic properties high.
  • Valastic U Primer is a 1-component, low viscosity polyurethane primer. The product cures when exposed to moisture in the air, creating an elastic film that adheres very firmly to many types of material surfaces.
  • Valatex 110 is a 2-component, elastic waterproofing coating, the product is applied to concrete or mortar surfaces to prevent water.
  • Valenta Clear PU is a liquid, water-based Pu-Acrylic waterproofing compound that forms a bonded coating - protecting the surface with waterproofing, protective covering and preserving the integrity of the surface's color and shape. material
  • Valatex Grout 244 is a shrink-compensating, self-leveling, pre-mixed cementitious grout with the ability to extend construction time to adapt to ambient temperatures.
  • Valenta Raincoat is a 1-component, highly resilient, UV-resistant, dispersed acrylic-based waterproofing coating.
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