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Valenta U Prime

Product information


  • 1 ingredient
  • Easy to construct
  • Do not use lining
  • High elasticity and good crack covering ability
  • Dry quickly

User manual

– Surface preparation:
• Remove loose and poor quality materials adhering to the surface of the waterproofing object with a high pressure washer if possible or with a steel scrubber.
• Eliminates foaming, mold, and dirt.
• Fill all gouges, cavities and holes on the surface with sand-cement mortar (ratio 1:2) combined with VA-LATEX bonding agent or technical mortar Valatex Grout 244, Valastic 300 depending on repair requirements. cure.

– Stirring: Valastic U Primer is mixed manually with a low-speed stirrer or thoroughly with a suitable tool before application.

– Application: Apply Valastic U Primer with brush, roller or sprayer.

– Cleaning: Clean tools and equipment immediately after construction with clean water.

Safety information

– Safety instructions: Alkaline products can cause skin allergies. Wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves when working.
– Storage: Cool, dry, shaded place.
– Expiry date: Minimum 12 months from date of manufacture (if stored properly in intact, unopened containers)
Note: The product is for specialized purposes only. Please refer to technical documents and chemical safety documents before use

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