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  • Valenta cleaning interior paint has the ability to withstand dirty cleaning easily, bright colors, light odor, resistant to mold and alkali, quick to color, high coverage.
  • Valenta super white interior paint is a paint that gives a smooth surface with a classy natural white color, is durable, does not stick to dust, and meets architectural requirements.
  • Valenta high-quality interior paint is an Acrylic water-based paint with a smooth film, rich, bright colors, high coverage, anti-mold, durable,...
  • High Class premium interior gloss paint is a comprehensive solution for decoration and protection, bringing perfect beauty to your home.
  • Valenta cleaning interior paint is a paint with outstanding abilities such as: Anti-fouling, easy to clean stains, making your home always GREEN - CLEAN - BEAUTIFUL.
  • Super Gloss VALENTA premium interior paint is a high-quality paint with a super glossy and beautiful surface along with optimal protection features for your home.
  • Valenta premium interior ceramic enamel paint is a paint that affirms top quality with a beautiful super glossy surface and unique sharp colors.
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