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VALENTA Silky premium interior paint: A type of Acrylic water-based paint with a smooth paint film, rich, bright colors, high coverage, anti-mold, color fastness over time, suitable for indoor use. With a tropical monsoon climate, easy to use and suitable for interior decoration.

User manual

– Mixing paint: With a ratio of no more than 7% clean water. Stir well before use.
– Number of paint layers: 2 layers. Each class is 2 – 3 hours apart.
– Tools: Use broom, rolo, handheld sprayer, industrial sprayer.
– Cleaning: Wash tools with clean water immediately after use.
– Storage: Store paint in a cool, dry place. Place the paint can in a safe vertical position and close the lid tightly.

Safety information

– Surfaces with moss and mold must be treated (Use chemicals to clean and kill moss).
– Make sure the surface to be painted is clean, without impurities that reduce adhesion such as powder, dust, grease or wax.
– The surface humidity to be painted is less than 16% according to the Protimeter moisture meter or let the wall surface dry for 21 – 28 days under normal conditions of 30°C, 80% environmental humidity.
– Note
+ Do not use paint in humid weather conditions, application temperature below 10°C.
+ Use appropriate sandpaper to sand then wipe off the dust.
+ Use VALENTA premium putty for a smooth surface.
+ 2 layers of primer for a smooth surface, increased adhesion and long lasting color.
​+ Do not mix too much water, the coverage will be poor.

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