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Below is our library of over 1000 paint color codes
Living room Living room
  • D 29-f
  • D 29-e
  • D 29-d
  • D 29-c
  • D 29-b
  • D 29-a
  • D30-f
  • D30-e
  • D30-d
  • D30-c
  • D30-b
  • D30-a
  • D31-f
  • D31-e
  • D31-d
  • D31-c
  • D31-b
  • D31-a
Recommended products
  • ​ 286 / 5.000 Kết quả dịch Kết quả bản dịch Valastic 636 is a 1-component, pure polyurethane-based waterproofing compound, liquid applied, quick-drying by reacting with air humidity, and has good crack-covering ability. After construction, a continuous, jointless, chemical-resistant membrane is created, which is a long-lasting waterproofing solution for outdoor roof floors.
  • Va-Latex is an improved Styrene Butadiene emulsion-type additive that is mixed with cement or cement-sand mortar to increase adhesion and waterproofing.
  • Valastic 595 is a 1-component, PU-Acrylic dispersion based, liquid-applied waterproofing compound with improved water resistance, excellent UV resistance, good crack coverage and aesthetic properties high.
  • Valastic U Primer is a 1-component, low viscosity polyurethane primer. The product cures when exposed to moisture in the air, creating an elastic film that adheres very firmly to many types of material surfaces.
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