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• Excellent adhesion
• Minimize shrinkage
• Increase elasticity
• Excellent waterproofing
• Increased chemical abrasion resistance. Non-toxic
• Va-Latex does not re-emulsify even under highly alkaline conditions
• Suitable for plasters in contact with drinking water
• High strength floor plaster
• To make mortar for filling and patching thin finishing layers
• Adhesive for plastering layer

User manual

– Surface preparation: Surface must be clean, firm, free of grease and impurities. The surface must be completely dry, avoiding water stagnation.

– Mixing ratio:
• Connection layer: Mix according to the ratio: 1 liter of VA-LATEX + 1 liter of water + 4kg of cement = oil slurry mixture. The oil tank part can be constructed in about 4 square meters.
• Plaster layer: Mix mixed solution: 1 liter VA-LATEX + 3 liters of water. Then, use this solution to mix into a mixture of cement and sand to create mortar that is thick enough for construction.
• Cement : Sand = 1:3 (by volume)
• About 1 liter of VA-LATEX/m2 for 2cm thickness.

– Construction method:
• Connection layer: Add cement into the pre-mixed water VA-LATEX mixture and mix well until a uniform consistency is achieved. Apply this layer of slurry to the surface and pour new concrete or apply mortar immediately.
• Plaster layer: Apply the plaster layer while the joint layer is still wet.

– Cleaning: Clean tools and equipment immediately after construction with clean water.

Safety information

– Safety instructions: Alkaline products can cause skin allergies. Wear appropriate safety glasses and gloves when working.
– Storage: Cool, dry, shaded place.
– Expiry date: Minimum 6 months from date of manufacture (if stored properly in intact, unopened containers)
Note: The product is for specialized purposes only. Please refer to technical documents and chemical safety documents before use

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