Development standards
  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly

    Using environmentally friendly raw materials, odorless, especially containing low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds), these are compounds harmful to health and humans.
  • Advanced production technology

    Advanced production technology

    Manufacturing factory with advanced technology lines. The production process is monitored in detail to ensure that factory products always meet the requirements with committed quality.
  •  Standard certification

    Standard certification

    Our products have been certified in accordance with National Technical Regulations. This demonstrates the brand's responsibility to consumers regarding product quality.
interior paint
Valenta interior paint is a paint model used indoors, with the advantage of being smooth, glossy and has a variety of colors that are durable over time. Interior water paint should only be used for interior spaces to bring the highest efficiency. This type of paint is less resistant to mold and mildew and is affected by the environment.
Exterior paint
Valenta exterior paint is a paint line used for the exterior surface of houses or construction projects. Exterior paint is effective against moisture and waterproofing. Therefore, using good exterior paint will help protect the paint layer from structural damage, avoid peeling, and increase the longevity of the project.
Waterproof Materials
Waterproofing materials are products that help prevent liquid water from penetrating or overflowing into an object or structure.
Anti-alkali primer
Anti-alkali primer is a type of primer that integrates anti-alkali properties, neutralizing alkalinity in cement and construction materials. Depending on the purpose of use, homeowners can choose interior anti-alkali primer or exterior anti-alkali primer.
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