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29/12/2023 - 1:52

Thus, after 10 years, the project of building Nghe An General Hospital in phase 1 has a total area of 9.9ha, of which the floor area is more than 57 thousand m2, five times larger than the hospital. Old, with 700 beds, completed and put into operation, with a total investment of more than VND 1,200 billion.

The hospital has 47 faculties and rooms, of which the general medical examination and outpatient examination has two departments, capable of responding to more than one thousand visits/day. Inpatient treatment has 22 faculties, professional technical blocks have 14 faculties. In particular, the hospital has a apron on the roof, and it is possible to respond to a helicopter to serve the emergency transportation.

Currently, the hospital has been carrying out techniques on open heart surgery, adrenal gland surgery; Endoscopic surgery of esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic endoscopy with gravel and worms; Brain tumor surgery, spinal disc herniation, severe spinal trauma; Lasik surgery, cataracts by phaco method; Snail surgery; Treatment of fiber opility, automatic blood removal technique, quantifying blood clotting factors, fully producing blood products; Cardiovascular intervention, cerebral vessels, liver vessels, nodes, congenital defects; Endoscopic surgery; Vascular surgery; Chest surgery; Bone replacement surgery with biological ceramic cylindrical material … testing and diagnosis of pathological tissue by PAS (Periodic Acide SIFF) and PAP (papanicolaou).

This is a hospital that is considered to be the most modern in Southeast Asia with the most advanced equipment systems invested in synchronous and closed.

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