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Valenta Grout 244 is a very economical and easy to use grout. Other advantages include:
▪ Excellent fluidity
▪ Good dimensional stability
▪ High strength, adjustable consistency
▪ Do not dehydrate
▪ Non-toxic, non-corrosive
▪ Can be used immediately, just mix with water
▪ Resistant to impact and vibration
▪ Can be pumped with a suitable grout pump

User manual

– Preparation: The surface must be clean, firm, free of grease and impurities. Absorbent surfaces must be completely saturated but free of standing water.
– Construction method:
• Mixing ratio: 3.5 liters of clean water for 1 25kg bag
• Application: Slowly pour Valatex Grout 244 into water while stirring with a mixer at low speed (500 rpm) for at least 3 minutes until a uniform consistency is achieved. Pour out the mortar and keep the flow constant. Mortar should be applied as quickly as possible. Make sure the formwork is firmly constructed and watertight.
– Cleaning: Clean tools and equipment immediately after construction with clean water.

Safety information

– Storage: Cool, dry, shaded place.
– Expiry date: Minimum 6 months from date of manufacture (if stored properly in intact, unopened containers)
Note: The product is for specialized purposes only. Please refer to technical documents and chemical safety documents before use

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